Custom Programs that Work for You

Stay current with merchandise for the biggest football fan, a secret admirer for Valentine’s Day, or someone caught in a cold snap, we have it all, in addition to the everyday essentials your store needs.

NFL, College, Winter Wear, Summer Headwear, Valentine’s Day and many other great programs are available under our Custom Programs feature. We recommend appropriate programs for every season so you can take advantage of immediate sales.

Custom Programs


Seasonal in-and-out display programs are booked in advance to get a jumpstart on sales opportunities in NFL, College, Winter Wear, Summer Headwear and Valentine’s Day.

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Health & Beauty

Our Health and Beauty (HBA) program ensures that you stay stocked with an attractive presentation and variety of on-demand, over-the-counter meds, travel aids, condoms and energy items.

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General Merchandise

The General Merchandise (GM) program incorporates all of the latest work glove styles, battery lines, air fresheners and many other everyday items. Capture increased sales on must-have essentials.

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We ensure that your Tobacco category is fully stocked with vital products, including many SKUs that are not commonly found in traditional tobacco sets.  Ask about our latest top sellers.

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Our Values

Our programs work for you. We work for you.


Fierce loyalty

There’s just something different about Novelty Express. Our people genuinely care about you and your success. We see our connection as more than just a business relationship, and what true partnership should feel like.


Selfless service

Because we care about your success, our people go to great lengths to make things happen for you, and to make our relationship stronger. Whatever the challenge – we’ll make it happen!


Never satisfied

As an organization, we strive to be the best and aren’t afraid to try new ideas that challenge what’s possible. Our people push each other and and constantly work to improve our service to you.

Core Programs

In addition to our Custom Programs, we have many Core Programs available. Our representatives have access to over 950 novelty and impulse categories at their fingertips, to custom design your order in the store, real time, based on what is really selling.

What can we do for you?