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Novelty Express is a leading provider of novelty and impulse items for convenience stores, truck stops, travel centers and other retail outlets.

Our mission is to be your store’s source for high profit margin, impulse items.

Partnering with Novelty Express comes with a 100% credit guarantee on all items, regular service and in-store customization – all without requiring you to sign a contract.

Meet Novelty Express

Programs that fit your store

No matter your unique needs, we have the right program for your store.

We understand that our buyers carefully discern the value of the products on their shelves. Novelty Express offers the best products at the best prices, where every item is 100% guaranteed. And because no two stores are alike, we customize all programs to your specific store’s needs. That’s confidence you can count on.

New Items

With exciting new products arriving every week, you’ll always be stocked with trending, popular, must-have items. New products are immediately sent to our reps, who come out and install in your store within days.

New Items

Don't just take our word.

We partnered with Novelty Express three years ago and it has been very profitable. The high margins and variety have allowed us to capture impulse sales and increase penny profits. We have executed programs that have given our customers the capability of buying the latest items and trends.

We enjoy working with Novelty Express on our goals. The seasonal programs keep the category fresh and the sales reps are tuned in to local demographics and keeping the mix of product electrifying for the store and the customers.

Janie Norman
Pit Stop Convenience Stores, Richmond, VA

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