Your store's impulse category—handled.

Novelty products set up, rotated, cleaned and, when the program completes, packed up. Our reliable, responsive reps ensure you never miss a beat.

Novelty Express is a dynamic, full service ‘DSD’ (direct store delivery) business model, designed to take advantage of incremental profit opportunities, without any additional oversight on your end. We make it our job to know your store and your customers, providing you with the best possible results.

What we can do for you

Impulse Purchases

Data shows that 41% of C-store customers buy on impulse. We provide the most attractive products available, where and when your customers are making those quick purchasing decisions.

Best of all, we offer a 100% guarantee on all products. If it doesn’t sell in your store, we'll take it back. Period.

Incremental Profit

Most C-stores are taking little or no advantage of their impulse categories. There are discretionary dollars available that, if captured, can make an immediate improvement to your bottom line. With rising gas prices and shrinking margins on inside sales, this impulse category is a critical, yet often underserved, addition to your business plan.

In-store Customization

Every store is different. We get that. We analyze fast-moving items and customize your order in the store – in real time. No more pre-packed programs getting drop-shipped to your location, or storing big boxes in your office for weeks until someone finally puts the products on display.
Novelty Express arrives at your store, designs the order right down to each individual item, and merchandises it effectively, on the spot.


We value the owner/operator as our most knowledgeable resource for each business. Our procedures are never ‘cast in stone’, and many program components can be customized to ensure success and meet customer expectations.

How it Works

Our programs work for you


We visit your store every two weeks, introducing new programs and items on every visit.


We will clean, merchandise, price, replenish and issue any credits during our visit.


We custom design your new order right there in the store, and pick the product in the parking lot, all done in real time.


We conduct market analysis to ensure competitive retail pricing, delivering a 40-50% blended gross profit margin.

What can we do for you?