We strive to provide you with all the information you need to partner with us. Please see below for some of the most popular questions asked of us.

Your questions answered.


“What is a 'novelty'?”

For our purposes, novelty items are defined as high profit margin impulse items that add incremental revenue to your bottom line. Typically, these items are placed in high visibility/high traffic areas and are targeted at key demographics with various price points to encourage all customers to buy. Some items will be presented on a limited basis in order to keep the program fresh.


“Can you accommodate customers that are scanning in their stores?”

Yes. Our software communicates with many of the leading C-Store systems that are on the market today. We will work closely with your I.T. personnel to ensure maximum compliance and a smooth transition to scanning your impulse categories.


“Do you offer any guarantees?”

Yes. Everything we sell is 100% guaranteed, with no risk on your part. Quite simply, if it does not sell, we remove and replace it with a new item. And best of all, there are no contracts. If you are not absolutely delighted with the service you receive, just let us know and we will be happy to discontinue your program.


“Is there something for my store(s)?”

We have over 50 categories, with thousands of items to excite and delight your customers. We focus on regionalized items and offer many highly anticipated seasonal programs. We welcome the challenge of finding items for your unique customer demographic.


“What should I expect?”

You can expect an exceptional level of service. Our employees are representing you, so they will look and sound professional at all times. We will visit your location every two weeks to clean, price, and merchandise new items and credit out old products. Our rep will be available via cell phone at all times, as will be our main office.


“What are my payment terms?”

Depending on your volume and credit history, terms are available. Many independent accounts will start by paying cash on delivery and then graduate to invoiced terms. Please see your representative for further information.


“How quickly can I get on the program?”

Usually, we can set up a new store program within a matter of days. If it is a large chain or there are special considerations, then it may take a little longer.


“What do I do next?”

Complete the contact form below and one of our helpful representatives will call you within 24 hours. Please indicate if you are interested in any specific program(s) for your store and we can schedule a visit to discuss custom recommendations.