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Sales Rep Contact

We are real people who want to talk to you. Please see below for the direct contact information of your area representative who is eager to find out how Novelty Express can help you today.

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Jerry Boucher

Regional Sales Manager

(919) 810-1893

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Our sales department is committed to one thing and that is to ensure you have the right results.

We take pride in creating the right plan for every customer.  Careful consideration is given to your specific needs as well as a strong commitment to your goals. Our sales team delivers results and we can’t wait to get started!  We look forward to meeting you.

Blackwell Nottingham

District Sales Manager

(804) 339-2614

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With extensive experience in the markets we serve, I believe my team can truly make a difference in your business.  We are ready to get to work collaborating with you in order to create excitement in your stores.  I look forward to meeting you.

Rick Young

District Sales Manager

(704) 941-8514

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My team is always looking for ways to make a difference.  We strive to be the best service in your stores and will work hard to be your provider of choice for all of your impulse categories.

Employee Contact

Kelley Abbott

Operations Manager

(800) 733-8104 (ext. 1104)

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With all of the best systems in place, we are well positioned to get you the right items at the right time.  We are ready to serve and will be dedicated to you and your success.

Samantha Heenan

Senior Category Manager

(252) 438-8104 (ext. 1109)

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In purchasing, we are constantly searching for the most exciting items for your stores. My team is committed to helping you meet your goals with our programs.

Rohan Rudolph

Vice President of Sales

(800) 733-8104 (ext. 1139)

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Welcome to Novelty Express; we can’t wait to meet you! We will work hard to understand your needs and create a plan for you. There are no commitments and everything is 100% guaranteed.  Give us a call today to get started!

Sally Vaughan

Customer Support

(800) 733-8104 (ext. 1126)

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Customer Support is here for you!  No question is too big or too small and we come up with creative fixes to difficult situations.  We look forward to supporting you.

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