Core Programs that Work for You

Our displays are proven winners, delivering what your customers want.

Our representatives have access to over 90 novelty and impulse categories at their fingertips, to custom design your order in the store, real time, based on what is really selling.

Core Programs

Novelty Display

The novelty display is where all general novelty items are showcased. Placed in a high traffic location, it is a high quality, 3 foot fixture, displaying a wide variety of items, including resin collectibles, diecast cars, children’s toys, adult novelties, everyday items and more. The novelty display can be placed as an end cap, floated in the middle of the floor, or in a configuration best suited to your store’s unique floor plan.

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Spinner Display

The spinner display occupies a small footprint but accommodates a high volume of product. Usually placed in a high traffic location with a variety of merchandise, customers can quickly view 3 or 4 panels of product as the design spins.

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Sunglasses/Cell Accessory Display

There are several different display options available for sunglasses that deliver amazing results, including the most popular combination display of sunglasses and Apple/Android cell phone accessories. The rack and product mix is assessed every season to ensure that the latest technology and styles are available for this fast moving, profitable program.

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Energy/Pill Display

With multiple sizes available, this display is home to some of our fastest moving SKUs. We pay special attention to having a very aggressive plan-o-gram, including energy and relaxation shots, stimulants, energy pills and more.

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Lighter Display

This easy-to-shop fixture accommodates all lighters (including Bic) and other smoking accessories. Usually located on the counter, this successful display encourages cross sales in conjunction with cigarette and tobacco purchases.

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Novelty Candy Display

This 2’ high display delights children of all ages, showcasing five levels of novelty candy and small toys in a readily visible location.

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Cell Phone Accessory Display

People are very protective of their cell devices. For this reason, Apple and Android accessory displays are very successful, consistently delivering fantastic results. We continually assess the product mix every season to ensure that we have the latest approved technology at the right prices.

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Our Values.

Our programs work for you. We work for you.


Fierce loyalty

There’s just something different about Novelty Express. Our people genuinely care about you and your success. We see our connection as more than just a business relationship, and what true partnership should feel like.


Selfless service

Because we care about your success, our people go to great lengths to make things happen for you, and to make our relationship stronger. Whatever the challenge – we’ll make it happen!


Never satisfied

As an organization, we strive to be the best and aren’t afraid to try new ideas that challenge what’s possible. Our people push each other and and constantly work to improve our service to you.

Custom Programs

In addition to our Core Programs, we have many Custom Programs available, including everything from seasonal themes to everyday staple items that are a must for every store.

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