What you should know about Delta 8

Delta 8 THC is one of many cannabinoids extracted from hemp that offers psychoactive effects, the component responsible for the elated feeling some users experience. Delta 8 is commonly used to help manage chronic pain, and is available as chewable gummies, vapes, and oils.

Common Delta 8 Questions


“Is Delta 8 Safe?”

Delta 8 is not a synthetic element; it is a naturally occurring product. Novelty Express is proud to feature Mystic Labs Delta 8 products in our Wellness Program. Mystic Labs extracts Delta 8 from licensed American Industrial hemp farms that are pesticide and herbicide free.

More information about Delta 8 effects and safety can be found here:
Mystic Labs Blog

FDA Consumer Updates


“Where is Delta 8 Legal?”

In the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived cannabinoid products were removed from the Controlled Substance Act, making them legal (at the federal level) for companies to develop and sell products like Delta 8.

Delta 8 — and related products — is offered as part of the Novelty Express Wellness Program in every territory, except Delaware.


“What is the opportunity for c-stores? ”

Novelty Express’ Wellness Program — which features Delta 8 — is in high-demand among C-stores. Like our other programs, it is 100% guaranteed and fully managed by Novelty Express.

Delta 8 products command a premium price point and offer a high margin. Our Wellness Program will help drive incremental profits in your stores.

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